The key to the success of a fountain is to master the waters movements, taking into account its aesthetics and surroundings.

About us

Urbiagua is a portuguese company, born in 2001, dedicated to the conception and consultancy of fountains and water features

The experience gained over the years allows us to make each fountain a unique spectacle of light and water.

Each project is designed and developed taking into account the clients needs, its purpose and the surrounding space. That's why each one is unique and made specifically for the customer.

So we always work together with the project teams, both architects and engineers, so that the construction of the fountain and the water games meet the requirements.

Mission, Vision and Values

At Urbiagua we are dedicated in improving the urban space, by providing to our customers products with great quality.

Each project is developed with extreme care, in order to be efficient, long lasting and low maintenance. The reliability of our installations are a priority to ensure the clients satisfaction.

How we work

  •  1

    Developing the concept

    Developing the concept

    This is the first phase of the creation.
    We develop the idea, its applicability, and we present it to the customer.

    In this phase, the project location, its surroundings and its purpose, are important factors subject of a careful study.

  •  2

    Developing the project

    Developing the project

    This second phase is where we prepare and develop the concept.
    Architectural and engineering drawings are made, and the necessary equipments, materials and finishes are chosen.

    It's also on this phase where we make the detailed drawings for the assembly and for the construction.

  •  3

    Manufacturing, coordination and installation

    Manufacturing, coordination and installation

    In the third phase, the fountain becomes a reality. Every detail shown in the project is carefully executed, ensuring that the water effects meet the idea developed with the client.

    An efficient and effective coordination is crucial to ensure that the water feature meets the most rigorous quality standards.

  •  4

    Programming and startup

    Last phase

    In this last phase we test and fine tune the fountain, making sure everything is ready to be handed to the customer. The project is then concluded.

Our strength

In order to assert ourselves in this market, Urbiagua has invested in the development and manufacturing of high-tech equipments that are know for their reliability, durability and performance.

This has placed us in the first row of the worldwide leading companies in this business.